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Zurich has so much to offer, especially when it comes to vintage fashion ‑ From no name pieces to sought after luxury pieces. I created a guide featuring my favorite vintage stores to browse around in Zurich.


@lux_zurich OG of vintage luxury pieces in Zurich. A beautiful store with even more stunning pieces from Bottega to Gucci to Chanel, it’s all there. Lux has an extraordinaire selection of rare Hermès bags and sought after fashion pieces. Make sure to bring the big wallet because you will want to shop here.

Vintage VonderGasse

@vintage_vondergasse is the go‑to place for trending vintage luxury accessories with even better prices from Sara‘s closet. PS the owner has a pretty stunning style herself ‑ check @saravondergasse. Shop via IG or in store.

Marta Flohmarkt

After sorting out your clothes, you probably ask yourself: where do I put this stuff? At @marta_flohmarkt you can simply rent a shelf and put your treasures for sale. But of course you can also find amazing bargains from other closets at Martas Flohmarkt for yourself.

Love at the Busstop

Welcome to fashion heaven. To describe this store in one word it would be flashy. The owner carefully selects the coolest pieces of the fashion world from Dior Galliano, Mugler, Versace, Moschino and so many more. Love at the Bus Stop has colorful, rare vintage treasures from the late 80s to the 2000s for him and her. @loveatthebusstop

Barbar Vintage

This uber‑cool store reminds me of the famous vintage „the vintage twin“ shop in Soho, New York. Barbar Vintage makes the casual nineties look happen. Denim in all variations, sweaters or shirts, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a vintage Burberry coat here for less than 200 francs. @barbar_vintage


A small first & secondhand store in the heart of Zurich with a great selection of bags, accessories and clothing. They work the entrupy to authenticate the vintage pieces. @b.unique.secondhand

Petite Luxe

@petitluxezh is a small first & second hand boutique that specializes in designer bags, trendy clothes and accessories of the latest fashion. Thanks to the massive circulation of luxury you can find real gems of the fashion world, unique pieces from limited series and legendary models such as a Chanel 2.55.

Ilona Farkas

In addition to luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel and Prada, at Ilona Farkas you can not only find first and second hand at fair prices, but also great styling advice on their Instagram @ilona_farkas_luxurysecondhand .

The new new

Have you ever heard of curated second hand in Zurich? The team at The New New will put together the best second‑hand items from the Internet and shops around the world and bring them to Zurich for you. Tip: Follow the @thenewnew_zurich on Instagram and call right away if you want to reserve a new item.


@reawake is inspired by Coco Chanel and acts with love for luxury fashion. Reawake spoils us with beautiful designer clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes. The motto: Respect, Recircle, Reawake!