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As a big fan of scents, these are the perfect ladies you should meet – Lina, Tina & Nina. They are all aroma diffusers and have their own character and features. Some of you might ask – What is an aroma diffuser? Aroma diffusers are modern fragrance dispensers that distribute fragrant essences evenly and slowly in your rooms. Stadler Form offers different aroma diffusers depending on which room you would like to elevate. How does it work? By simply inserting your fragrance globe of choice, relax, and feel great. Each fragrance globe creates a unique atmosphere and distributes its aroma around the room for up to 4 weeks.

Stadler Form has 6 different scents for the aroma diffuser ladies – White Amber (my fave!), Black Orchid, Yellow Vanilla, Orange Bergamot, Red Jasmine & Blue Rosewood. The fragrance globes are made of richly fragranced, bonded pearls. The innovative fragrance globe system means neither water nor essential oils are needed for scenting. So, the diffusers are easy to transport, without emptying out liquid.

Nina – The atmospheric aroma diffuser

The aroma diffuser Nina from Stadler Form does not only generate an atmospheric light for a calming atmosphere but also creates a real experience for the nose. As for all aroma ladies the scent comes from the fragrance globes. It is easy to switch from a gentle to a more intense fragrance experience with Nina’s two settings. Nina is an impressive way to scent your living room, office, or bedroom – for up to 50 hours, without a cable. With a USB cable and adapter, she is perfectlyequipped for mobile and stationary use at home. Themood light can be dimmed or switched off completely for fragrant moments of peace. For a positive and motivating work atmosphere I placed Nina in our office. Her stylish look makes it effortless to place anywhere in the apartment.

Tina – Mobile fragrance with a twist

The slender aroma diffuser lady Tina from Stadler Form is the charming way to scent small rooms and bathrooms with a fragrance globe, to create an oasis of well-being. The unique system means neither water nor essential oils are required – easy to transport, without emptying out liquid. The fragrance experience is very easy to adjust by a slight turn of the top part. The further it is turned, the more intense the aroma. Tina can be used anywhere, and scores points for her USB cable for mobile use and adapter for use at home. She will subtly and reliably fragrance the room, without a cable, for up to 30 hours. As Tina is recommended for smaller rooms. I use her in our kitchen and the bedroom. It’s so easy to take her back and forth wherever I need her.

Lina – For a fresh scent everywhere

Simple and straightforward, Lina from Stadler Form is the smallest aroma diffuser lady in the family and fragrances her surroundings without power. Perfect for a small bathroom or in a wardrobe. Simply add your fragrance globe of choice and screw open the cover until you achieve the desired intensity of aroma. For an even stronger scent, remove the top. Lina convinces as an aroma diffuser for the smallest nooks and scents up to 4 weeks. In my apartment I place her in our bathroom to enjoy a fresh scent when getting ready but also making sure my guest experiences the same when they visit.

Which lady is your perfect match? Find out more about these aroma diffuser here.