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Summer is already around the corner. And because we very much look forward to the warm and sunny days, we’ve already filled our shopping charts with some pieces of the upcoming trends.
This summer’s trends are all about fresh colours, light textiles and eye-catching accessories. Plus the spring to summer transition is not so harsh because this year’s spring trends are easy to combine with new pieces. However, we still want to freshen up our wardrobe for the summer season. So, we’ve put together 7 trends to spicen up your summer wardrobe.

1. Pastel colours

Pastel is the new neon. The soft shades are easy to combine with neutrals, easy to dress up or down and freshen up any outfit. And best of all, pastel colours are available in many different sorts of clothing. Which means you can fully dress pastel or just add a little pop of colour, for example a lilac hair band or scarf to a complete a white or black outfit.





source: instagram @__kaesha

2. Mules

Bottega Veneta definitely started a trend with its famous black mule. Of course many brands followed its trend and therefore we found some really affordable pieces. The heeled sandal gives any outfit an effortless feel and can be styled different ways. For example, an outfit that you normally dress with a pair of white sneakers can simply be dressed up with a pair of leather mules.


Classic black:



3. Jewellery from Nature

We really love this trend which already began last summer: natural jewellery such as stones, pearls and shells. Whether it’s a bold shell necklace or an elegant pearl earring, there are no limits. The trend suits many different outfits and can be worn as a ‘let’s go to the beach’ look or a polished date outfit. The light tones of the shells and pearls look especially luxurious with an all black or monochrome outfit. It’s an total eye-catcher! Here are some of our favourite pieces:





source: instagram @emmaleger

4. Puff-sleeve Dresses

The girly dress with puffy sleeves is the perfect dress for summer season. It’s breezy and accentuates your decolté beautifully. Plus it takes no effort, just throw on your dress, add some gold jewellery, some pair of sunglasses, comfy flats and you are ready to go. Of course, the puffy sleeve dress is available in many colours and patterns (especially florals), and pastel colours too (obviously). It can be worn on so many occasions and it gives you the perfect romantic vibe to every outfit.




source: instagram @vivianhoorn

5. Squared Sunglasses

Of course, sunglasses are A MUST every summer, or for us, all year around. But this summer it’s all about big, edgy and squared sunglasses. The bigger the better. It gives every look a chic and effortless touch and best of all: it hides those baggy eyes perfectly.

Here are some of our favourites:

6. Cropped Cardigans

You can’t oversee the latest trend: cardigans. And not just the big chunky knit cardigan, but also the thin little cropped cardigan. It’s a perfect piece to style with your shorts, skirts and highwaisted jeans. It’s also a super transitional trend, as it is available with long and short sleeves. And you guessed it, especially the pastel coloured ones, like this mint one from Acne Studios. There are also some more affordable ones:

For the ones that prefer more neutral coloured, we’ve got you covered:


source: instagram @mvb

7. The Simple Bikini

No surprise but bikinis are definitely a summer essential! We found some elegant bikini sets you can style with your favourite jewellery – because bikinis are no longer just a practical piece of clothing.
You can never go wrong with a basic black or white bikini, just as Marie is wearing on the picture. Or both! We love this checked bikini from solid & striped. And here is a similar one that you can even wear different ways.
To sum it all up, here is a sun-coloured / pastel bikini.


So, we hope you enjoy your summer at home. Let’s enjoy little dinner parties, walks outside and long sunny days (don’t forget to put on sunscreen to stay protected and glowy)!

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