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Omg you guys (yes! this is how I start basically every sentence). I can’t even describe how good it feels to have the sweater weather back. Yaaaaaas. Heat, sweat, humidity is like totally, more like absolutely NOT MY THING. But GUESS WHAT GUYS – we are thanks fucking finally done with that sh*t. Ok, byyyyyye. So back to topic. I am really exited to tell you: I teamed up with La Redoute (here) to show you my favorite pieces for this autumn from their own brand La Redoute Collection. I created a full look perfect for early autumn but totally easy to transition into when actual cold ass winter hits you. If u know me or not. When the colder days arrivatio – its TURTLE TIME – as Ramona Singer from the RHONY would day. No. In all seriousness from September to April all I wear are turtlenecks. Black, black, black and blue. I love the classy Marine color this one has and ALSO like a big PLUS PLUS PLUS its cashmere. Means: Extra soft, extra warm. And its from the mens section but pssst. 😀 Leather skirt: What should I say. BASIC again. But good basic. Basic u need and want. Its the perfect length to wear out casually with sneakers, boots, whatever you want, and if u feel like pimpin it up to ur party outfit (dont drink tew much) also fabulous. Add heels and you are ready to rave away. Tights work as well. The trench – also described as the main outerwear for autumn. This one I got is slightly (more like overly) oversized but I love it. Its khaki. So not the basic beige everyone has (ok, I have one as well..more like two). The La Redoute website (here) offers super fashionable pieces of their own collection and also great selection of other brands. And what I think a lot of ppl dont know.. but yes, I will tell you. Their interior stuff is also pretty pretty cool

Outfit: sweater –  la redoute collection(here) skrit – la redoute collection (here) trench – koche x la redoute (here)

*in collaboration with La Redoute