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Ok – I don’t even know where to start and what to tell you guys. This trip was so eventful in terms of things that happend, things we did and thing I learnt.

Let’s start with that my travel partners (Maria) bag got snatched on our first night. What was very weird bc it happend on the main shopping street in Seminyak. I don’t want to get into detail. We were and are very happy that we didn’t get hurt but getting ur passport stolen is probably the worst thing that can happen on ur holiday in Asia especially. And then again we made the best out of it. I meaaaaaan. I got to smoke a cigarette in the police station when they were filing the report. OMFG. I literally felt like in a live version of crime investigation. I saw the Swiss consulate with a real life sized cow statue in front of the house – like who can say they experienced that 😀 And if ever something like that would happen again. I. AM. PREPARED.

Next topic: WE WERE ACTIVE AF. Not in terms of moving but in terms of doing stuff and visiting places. I went to the Monkey Forest in Ubud and met up with my long lost love Freddy ❤️ it was so nice. Although I have to say that I the monkey are pretty aggressive and at some point we were scared to be bitten or attached.

We even drove to Uluwatu to visit the absolutely fabulous beach club EVER – Omnia. There hasn’t been much that has blew me away but this place did. It’s new, it’s stunning, architecture wise impressive – I could go on and on. ALSO pur entertainment. Guys believe me. So many ppl getting their pictures taken, doing selfies.. etc. Since the passport was stolen we defo came around a lot. Dropped by the Swiss Consulate in Denpasar. They have a cow sculpture in real live size. WTF haha

And now to not leave any question unanswered:

Where to stay:

  • Ametis Villa, Canggu
  • Miguel Villa Sal, Canggu (MY ABSOLUTE FAVE – like location goals AF. Make sure to herrje whole Villa for you and ur friends)
  • Amala Hotel, Seminyak (the kindest staff EVER, they helped us out so much when the passport was stolen

Where to eat:

  • Sea Circus – Omg. The. Rice. Paper. Rolls.
  • Shady shack – Healthy but deftig? Get a bowl.
  • The savage – Basically anything is great.
  • Café organic – Instalicious food
  • Strawberry Fields – one word. BURGER BURGER BURGER
  • The Gypsy – that avocado toast tho
  • Kim Soo – no better location that this + shopping included

What to do:

  • Day trip to Ubud – Monkey Forest, Tegallalang rice fields
  • One surf lesson – just so u can say been there done that
  • BEACH CLUBS – Omnia (ok, this place is INSANE), Finns, Potatoe Head and Sunday
  • Where to party:
  • Lawn – Dinner, drinks and dance off the calories
  • Jungle – If u don’t want to go home yet. Electro and techno beats.
  • Old mans – cheap drinks and probably the best to meet random AF people
  • Beach Party Canggu – take off ur shoes and feel the sand.


  • Don’t include breakfast in ur hotel stay. There are plenty of amazing restaurants u will want to try
  • If ur on a night out in Canggu make sure u have a driver that picks you up. Taxis won’t pick you up in that area.
  • Leave ur passport and other important belongings in the hotel save