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New year, new me. That’s what we all say don’t we…
Photography by Ali Zigeli

I am not gonna bore you with all my new years resolutions. Bc in the end. Even though I have some. They are always the same. And guess what. I DO NOT CHANGE A THING. Start losing weight – Where is my pizza?! Healthy lifestyle – Did I just hear a wine cork pop?! Saving money and responsible spendings – OMG the new Balenciaga collection. LOVE IT.
See it’s a vicious circle. A never ending story.
Right before reality hit me that yet another year has ended we took these fab pictures at Langstrasse in Zurich. Ali (check him out here ) approached me via Instagram to meet up and take some pics. Crazy how easy you can meet up with people through social media nowadays. It’s amazing. Without social media (esp. Instagram) I would have never met so many fab people this year. Also thinking about all the opportunities that were given to me in 2017. FAB or as Justin Bieber once tweeted (I really think he meant this as a joke): so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you.

Also check out the video of the photoshooting HERE.

coat – mango
jeans – levis
sneakers – nike
bag – chanel
scarf – balenciaga

Queen O