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Have a told you about my newest bag conquest?! No, obviously not. Check the Story!

Ok. So where do I start? I have been following this Instagram-Account for some time now.. Why?! Because she literally has the most amazing bags ever! Valeria (here) is the owner of this fab AF luxury secondhand store Luxussachen (here or here). I have been looking for a new bag for a while now. But OMG. So indecisive. I don’t know why but I change to be very price and quality conscious. I want a bag I can still wear in 4 years, 10 years and still be happy about it. Just last month I sold to of my bags and tbh its ridic to me how fast trends, style, interests change. For example my Céline Boston Bag. Loved it to death. Now I don’t wear it and don’t use it anymore. ANYWAY. Back to the topic.

Basically this whole thing started as a collab. I get to borrow the bag in exchange for tags and pictures, etc. you know the drill. I pre sent Luxussuchen a selection of bags I would like to feature. Turned out to be the red Chanel. My fave anyway. And I was so happy but also sad bc I knew it wasn’t really mine.
BUT the moment I did my unboxing I knew. OH MY FRICKIN’ GOD. I need this bag. Long story short. I bought the bag. My first vintage bag. And I am so happy! I can highly recommend checking out Luxussachen (here)! Not only is their service great and the girls are so nice – THE SELECTION OF BAGS – so nice! They have 4 (!!!, I know right) store in Germany. So you can actually go check out the bags and see them first hand. I know sometimes it difficult to trust online sellers. But let me tell you – 100% trust here.

An other great thing I would like to point out – bc the struggle is real – you can pay by installment payment (Ratenzahlung). Basically make your dreams come true now – and worry about everything else later! HAHA

And to sum this oh-so-fab story up – once again all the important links!

Instagram: here and here



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