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71178431-4C9B-46C8-B1C3-DB18B09EB537Guys, longtime no see. How do you like my new website? So, this is a little guide to my daily struggles of lyfe and pretty much make me BASIC AF. Check it out!

Talking to a phone in public – or shameless self promotion?! I mean I need to keep you guys updated. Anywhere and everywhere. Talking pictures at a public place with a lot of ppl? DONT CARE. Walking around and talking to a phone? I dropped my shame-level to almost zero. Sometimes ppl look at me as if I just landed from a planet they didn’t know existed. But you know what?! Everything for your entertainment. You are WELCOME.

Sunglasses – Omg you guys! These pretty little things are fucking lifesavers. Hungover? NO problem? No time for mascara? Whatever. Generally not in the mood? Doesn’t matter. Chanel eye bags turned Primark? SHUT up. It just doesn’t really matter. Shadezzz, as I like to call them, save the day. ALWAYS. And guys, not to share to much but thats why I always wear them in my pics. YAAAS. Secret revealed.
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Foodfoodfood – Never no day without food, baby. And if it’s not on instagram did it even happen?! Probably NOT. The struggle is real. I want food, need food and want food but also want to be super skinny. WHY?! Biggest goal in life? Eating without gaining weight.
Healthy diet kale workouts yoga veggie vegan gluten free – You name it. I got you covered. Staying with the topic food and my daily challenge. I have tried a lot. And if I say that I mean A LOT. And guess what?! Being influenced by my surroundings I come up with something new to try everyday.
Mood AF face – in pictures – Attitude baby. No seriously who needs to smile. Showing expression is overrated anyway. More nasty wrinkles we don’t want. NO THANK YOU.
Forever ALONE – It’s winter time, days are getting colder and basically you need a boyfriend. Actually no. Just SOMEONE who is there to cuddle and keep me warm. Or maybe I will just buy a new winter coat. Never no reason to buy new clothes. OK. BYE.Winetime is primetime – Or Gin in this case. Let me say. Necessities of lyfe. I mean… not only does a wine glass look fab AF in pictures it also gives you that great feeling of a slight buzz to get over the OH-SO-STRUGGLES day we allllllllllll had. And it’s always 5 pm somewhere in the world.
Coffee to go – I don’t think I really need to say much. But I truly believe everything looks better with a coffee cup. You just automatically look busy and busy is attraktiv. It also gives you that special feeling of “OH EM GEEEEEEE, the papz just got me out and about. So candid.”
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney – Sometimes I feel like they are my best friends. Or at least thats how I talk about them. “OMG did you see, Kourtney went out last night”, “Kim took North and Saint to Nobu last night. Looked fab”, “Kris went to Chanel last week and got 3 NEW bags, THREE. So jealous”. I can’t tell you what it is but I love them. Also I am still waiting for Kris to adopt me so I can be her 6th daughter. IF YOU SEE THIS KRIS. I AM HERE. WAITING.
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