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Hey guys,
what’s crackin’?! – What a unique opening, I know! Anyway, I wanted to spill deezzzzz about my little Germany tour since so many people were asking what I was doing. So here it is:

My little Germany tour! Ok, ok, just Hamburg and Berlin.
Last week I more or less kinda spontaneously visited Hamburg and added an other day in Berlin. I just needed a day off, or two. I don’t know what I was thinking but I went there with out really having a plan what to do. I mean, walking around all day discovering the city and snapping my way through the day wouldn’t be a problem but guys, when I stepped out of the plane at 8 am it was raining to the max. POURING. I thought, what the actual fuck. What was I supposed to do??? CRY.

So obviously I announced BIG TIME on my Insta-stories that I was visiting Hamburg. Ranted of the shitty weather and. so. on. Then Marie suddenly messaged me. We went to uni together. How crazy. Met up with her. It was so nice to catch up. We walked around, talked, did a little window shopping.

*Note here: Marie left me for 20 min during our meet up, that’s when I visited the new acne store for the first time. I wasn’t looking for smth special but just looking never hurt nobody.

Anyway so when Marie came back from her appointment we visited the acne store AGAIN (!!!) bc I wanted to show her some shoes. Yeah I know, I AM THE WORST.

*Note here: Second time in the store that day.

That’s when the rain started again. More like the storm. So stuck in the store, obviously we had more than enough time to try on a lot of stuff. By then I mentally already bought seven + thing. Shoes, jeans, jumper, jumper, an other jumper, coat, etc.

LUCKILY I had a lunch date at 1 pm. So, bye Acne. I met Kelly and Mila. We went to Mad About Juice. OMG guys it was so good. Like a huge “healthy” salad bowl (tbh the avocado and rice just added the calories, no biggie).
Food options. This is what I miss about not living in Berlin anymore the most. Aaaaaaand it’s just so cheap compared to Swizzyland.
After hanging out with these to absolutely lovely girlz. Just as a little input, this was a blind date. I met Kelly and Mila through Instagram. Crazy right.

So keeping up with my blind date thing it’s was time for the next one. I really feel like Instagram is the new tinder. But for friends. Anyway met fucking fabulous Sara. A model, wine lover and dog owner. I mean what a perfect combo. What we did? Enjoyed (downed) a bottle of vinoooo. Of course.

Since I still had an other hour til my train to Berlin, Sara suggested we should stop by Acne bc she wanted to check the new store. Tipsy me was already like, omg, why, not a good idea at all. 😀


So yeah, basically drunk me walked back into the acne store and bought the super expensive and overpriced jumper (bc its acne, you know, reeeeeedic). My card was bleeding but srsly so happy now! 😀 At least.

Also an other embarrassing moment was when the sales lady recognized me bc a few weeks ago my mom told her about me in the store and told her to follow my Instagram. What an awkward moment.

Anyway I had an absolutely fabulous day. I was so grateful to spend such an amazing day in my new favorite city and meet even more amazing people who met up with me and took time out of their lives to spend time with me. THANK YOU.

In the evening I took the train to Berlin. For those of you who don’t know, I used to live in Berlin. So I stayed with Antonia and Baby Henry (her dog, so. fucking. cute). Our day was packed. Meetings, food, pictures, food. And then back to Basel again. Super short trip but mucho fun!

Also guys, check out my interview with Sara (here). Thank you so much! She is so fab! Literally so inspiring meeting young ambitious people doing something for themselves. Omg guys, it was so weird at first. Normally I hate taking pictures with someone I don’t know or even a photographer. Like, the worst. I just feel like the iPhone pictures don’t make me look like a pregnant hippo and I can make all my super posey faces without feeling embarrassed. But let me tell you, to my surprise the pictures actually don’t look to bad. 😀

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