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I am sure you have seen Lars on my Instagram before and I thought – This boy needs an intro ASAP. Check it out:

1. Break it down for us – who are you?
Hello, it’s me – Lars. 16, from lovely Freiburg. I’m still going to school!

2. How did you met Olivia?
All thanks to a big night out last summer! Once upon a time Queen O was drinking vino and accidentally added me on Snapchat. She sent me some pretty hilarious snaps! After that she asked in her story for someone to bring her chocolate to her “office” and was pretty excited when I showed up (I hope the excitement was not because of the chocolate only!). After that we started to meet at least once a month and always had a lot fun taking pics to keep the insta-game strong!

3. What makes you you?
Not to say I’m a perfectionist but I really got a eye for details. I enjoy to have everything in place and all the details thought out. Well, I maybe that’s what a perfectionist is.

4. Name three fave brands and why?
Chanel: It’s Iconic. Karl Lagerfeld is German. And Egoïste Platinum is my scent.
Gucci: It’s from Florence, my favorite place ever and my dad got my mum a Gucci watch as present to my birth! #SuperFab #ItsInMyGenes
7 for all mankind: 3 Words – Best. Jeans. Ever.

5. Whats your favorite destination?
I love traveling to Italy. The country is so beautiful, especially Tuscany and the architecture is literally STUNNING!!! And also, is there anything better than Italian food!?

Also find Lars on Instagram and his new website!