Soooooo where do I actually start?! Maybe first thanks to Theresa for these great pics! Obvi not bc of me but bc of the fab job she did. Also guys pls note it was about 36 degrees and I was hungover AF when we took these pictures. So mucho thank you to Theresa for making me look alive and sorta, kinda with it. Check the story.

This blogpost as the overly cringeeeey title already says, is about how to survive a holiday when you have nobody to take your pictures. For some of you this might not be a problem but it’s a huge one to me. I am very dedicated to my Instagram and try to take cool, new, inspiring pics every day for my followers and brands I work with.

At home I have my grandma and Lars on speed-dial. This holiday tho – not so much. No, I was not alone on this Mallorca trip but I guess you can’t expect the same ambition for the gram from everyone. So I was left to myself and my iphone. At first I was like, OMFG, what am I gonna actually post?! Nothing?! No fucking way! Selfies? Like maybe, one or two, max, but like nobody wants to see so many close ups of my face. And guys this was a 5 nights – 6 day holiday! Puuuuuh.

So next thing I did to come up with more content is to post Mallorca-impressions (these pictures I can actually take BY MYSELF, yaaaas). This was a suggestion by my dad which I am very thankful for bc it made me realize that these are things I will be posting more and more on my profil. Impressions such as architecture, beaches, landscapes, markets etc. So basically smth else than myself ALL.THE.TIME. 😉

Through my friend Annakarina from goldkind concept I was able to visit the Udo Walz Salon at the St. Regis Mardavall and get a fab blowout. You will not believe how happy I was that I got to go to this beautiful hotel. Like next level location-goals. And that is where I asked Janine who did my hair to take some pictures with me. Her skills for hair and pictures were fab AF.

Next – SELF-TIMER MY LIFESAVER. Every time I saw something where I can place my phone and it actually wouldn’t fall down. It was self-timer-time. Wow. This is a new word. The biggest struggle was the shot with the beach and myself. Bc like whats the point of going on a holiday at the beach. So I would walk up and down looking for the perfect spot where I can  place my phone in the stone? Cliffs? Whatever the word is. This was not an easy task and what really annoys me is that all these pictures are taken from a very unfortunate angle. Like why point out the double chin. But at this point I shouldn’t be complaining. I guess I can call myself a pro at this know. Lessons? Anyone?

And Saturday afternoon at Nikki Beach I guess I was just drunk enough not to care anymore so I asked the bar lady. And she did an amazing job. Loved the shot. Plus I guess she way kind of used to it bc tourists (like me) want their picture taken all the time anyway.

The last thing I did was to contact other bloggers on the island. That’s how I met Laura. What a sweet person. She took me along to her shooting with Theresa and this is how I can actually present you these profeshhhhh pictures. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so open and meeting me! This is why I love using social media. You get to connect and meet new people you would maybe never even cross paths with.

Outfit 1:
shirt – zara
skirt – topshop
shoes – superga
bag – star mela

Outfit 2:
t-shirt – gucci
denim short – levis
bag – valentino

I love you so much!!!

Queen O

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