Let me introduce…the new Sprocket photo printer by HP. I knooooow what you’re thinking. Olivia and technology? Yes, difficult subject. But I thought why not give this little superstar a try.

So let me break it down for you. The HP Sprocket is a little printer, like tiny, srsly – you can literally take anywhere. It even fits in my handbag, amazing, right?! Which is like perfect bc you know me. Thinking in pictures. Everywhere and always.

So when I am feeling extra picture-licious but just having the photo only on my iphone is not enough. Then I am defo getting my Sprocket out. It’s about creating memories. Capturing the moment and actually holding it your hands. If that makes sense?! Does it?! Yes I think so! 😉

Sooooo what do you need to get started? Not much tbh. A smartphone (it’s works for android and iOS, yaaaaaas) – which you obviously already have, charger – cable comes along, photo paper – 10 of them come with your purchase and of course – the Sprocket. You also get the little booklet where all the details are written down of how to use it and other blabla stuff but believe me its so self-explanatory. And you are good to go.

Basically I can directly print my pic from my phone with the Sprocket app. Ok. Let’s try this step by step. I send the pic via Bluetooth to the mini printer. It takes like no time. Like max. 40 seconds. And TADAAAAAA. I have my picture. My captured memory!

And can we quickly talk aesthetics guys. The details of the Sprocket are rose gold. HELLO. ROSE GOLD. This is just goals.

FYI: Snapchat who?! The app also has great filters and emojis you can add and step up that picture game of yours.

I mean look at me mastering the easy and simple usage of the HP Sprocket. Want the same?! Of course I got a link for you guys: here, here and here.

Yes, it’s the same link three times. So badass 😉

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*  in cooperation with HP
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