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So first things first. I wanted to do a little Q&A just bc everyone does it. JK. Ok not really. I think we can also call them frequently asked question since I get them a lot. FAB. Let’s start!

1. Why do you call yourself Queen O?
Queen B? S? Does this sound familiar to you? Yup, thought so! If Blair Waldorf can call herself Queen, so can I. Yeah got my inspo from a tiny little dream world, Gossip Girl.

2. Favorite wine?
Seriously guys do I look like I know ANYTHING about wine? Haha, how about no. I enjoy wine. A lot. Preferably white, rosé if there is no other option. But basically any savignon will do just fine.

3. What and did you actually study?
Yes, believe it or not I did go to university. Fashion management in Berlin and munich was da thing. I just finished my bachelors degree this February and its feels aaaaaaaahhhmazing. Joke. No difference.

4. What filter do you use? How do you edit your pictures?
This is probably my most asked question. Why?!?! Some insta-chick once told me to never reveal the secret of the magic filter. Let me tell you, the VSCO App is a game changer for you, your life and your pictures. They have so many amazing filters, believe me. To die for. I recently changed mine but up until a few weeks ago I was using HB2. Omg. The secret is out! Soooooowy.

5. Why is your English “so good”?
Is it really that good tho? I would prefer using the word fluent. I was born in Australia, grew up in Asia and now living the life in Swizzyland. Thank the lord I master the urban dictionary slang and would perfectly fit into the jersey shore family. Imagine how boring my insta Stories would be without these… lets call them – perks! Loooooooves it.

6. Favorite fashion brand?
Is it okay to say Gucci even though probably I can’t really afford it? Hands down. Honest deep talk. I am such a Zara-whore. There is no week where I don’t pay them a sneaky little visit. Just to have a look. Of course. Who am I kidding?! I check the online stores “new in” section on Tuesday and Friyay bc that’s when the new stuff flys in. So basic, I know.

7. Future plans?
SLAY THE DAY! No serious biznitch talk. For 2k17 I want to focus on stuff that makes me happy and brings me further in life. I want to concentrate on creating fab AF content for all my social media channels. ESP YouTube. Omg. This is my new thing. I just looooooooove talking to a camera.

Wow. You made it through all the questions. And last but certainly not least bc there is always space for some extra. Mirror Mirror on the wall – Here is the magic question of them all: How can you win your own personal mega fab Queen O cap? I will be announcing the giveaway this week on my Instagram. Stay tuned!

You’re welcome.


Blazer –  Zara

xx, Queen O

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