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So with last weeks vlog (HERE) about my trip to Berlin I thought why not provide you with a little “Queen O Berlino Guide”. I mean, I lived there. I would know what I am talking about. From the most delicious brunch spot to the best bar for WINETIME! Anyway, thats that, enjoy!

Brunch: Basically my Sunday ritual and any other day.

CHIPPS – Ok so I Love anything that makes me fat. Waffles with whipped cream and blueberries will make you forget about calories.

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Muse – OMG. YES OH-MY-GOD! Heaven. Basically anything on the menu is fab.

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Common Grounds – literally in the center of Mitte. Rosenthaler Platz to be exact. Also the newest member to my faves. No better avo toast with poached eggs.

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Sets – Interior goals hello. Its cute, in the west of Berlin and offers a big selection in terms of food. And also, FYI, I had my birthday brunch here last year –  so you know, its kind of great.

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Drinks: Winetime is primetime – must I say more?!

Simon (Auguststrasse) – Perfect in summer – winter not so much. You will want to drink outside and enjoy ur vino next to tourists strolling through Auguststrasse.

Bar Milano – Need a touch of Italy in your life?! Classy aperol spritzs, cool crowd, nice interior and original Italian bar keepers. Done.

Café Liebling – Chill place in the heart of pberg with almost only locales and great house vinos. It’s kind of feels like my living room. Find me where when I want to have a heart-to-heart with a friend and just have deep talks all night long.

Meine Bar – This is the place where I always take my dates! Why? First of all, the barkeeper knows me, so big plus here. Second their house wine, FAB. Third, the atmosphere. Very cosy. 

Dinner/Lunch – Yes there is more than just Brunch.

Borchardts – A classic. This is where the “who is who” of Berlin meets. Don’t worry, its not that fancy – more cool vibes. Reservations for dinner are a must! Pro tip: On Friday night you can go up to the “1. OG”. The owners old apartment on top of the restaurant turns into a prober club with bottles and chicks. Cash me in!

DUDU – I feel like I say the word “favorite” with every place I mention. BUT this place has the best seafood bowl and crunchy rolls in B-Hood. And it’s word on the street that the DUDU31 in Charlottenburg is the better one. Not in my opinion. Check it out for yourself tho. Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-07 um 22.57.44

Cecconis – Fine dining is not something you find a lot in Berlin. But the Soho House Berlin made it happen. Straight from LA to Berlin. Italian cuisine with a touch of fancy. And did I mention?! VERY INSTAGRAMABLE INTERIOR.

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Shopping: My favortie hobby, I guess.

KaDeWe – Shopping heaven! One big ass department store with anything and everything you need. The changing rooms are goals. India Mahdavi (Sketch, London) worked her magic. Velvet greens and pink marble. Pro tip: the 6th floor. Allfoodeverything. From random vegan coconut milk to superficial Italian pasta to American marshmallow fluff.

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Galleries Lafayette – Basically the same as KaDeWe, a bit smaller with a French attitude. Big plus you don’t have to make all your way the west (it can take you a shit load of time depending on where you are).

Hakescher Markt – Monki, & Other Stories, Sandro… You name it – It’s there. One store next to the other. Nice to walk around. Feel the vibe of Mitte. Always a great visit: Lala Berlin. And say hi to Jonas if you do!

Vintage Biznitch – You guys know how I had my little thing for vintage furs during winter. If you find yourself with the same mission check Humana at Frankfurter Tor and Mauerpark Market on Sundays.

Do you read me?! – I dont really considered myself a book person nor do I read a lot. BUT I could stay here forever. This cute little bookstore on Auguststrasse offers a wide range of unconventional reading material and noncommerical magazines.

Aaaaaaand omg I almost forgot. So not me. Taking a stroll along the Spree and around the “Regierungsviertel” or “Tiergarten” so nice, calming. Who doesn’t need to sometimes get off the buzz of the city. If you really want, you can also make this an exercise and run.

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