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Let me break it down to you. If you are following me on Snapchat (callmequeeno) you probably already know, also bc I LITERALLY overexposed this detox thing. I set myself on a 3-day juice cleanse with Detox Delight (here). Since yesterday they have launched their new product which is called JUICE DELIGHT EASY. And the amazing thing, which also works to your advantage, is that the juices preservability lasts up to two weeks.

So how did that work for me? My plan was to detox for three days and add another day of juicing later during the week. I did my “three days without food thing” from Thursday to Saturday. I would recommend choosing busy days where you are occupied and not tempted to think about food 24/7. Since you will be without for some time.

Day one was amazing. Not hungry and a shit load of energy. So much that I even made it to the gym (and that is a huge statement for me). Next: Day two. Started off really well. Don’t ask me why but I was so motivated and I felt so good about myself. And very skinny. The afternoon was the worst. My energy level was almost at zero and I don’t even get me started about how hungry I was feeling. I can’t describe if it was an actual feeling of hunger or just the urge to chew something eatable. A little disclaimer here. Maybe going to the gym wasn’t the best idea. Also working in retail standing all day long didn’t help either. It came up to the point where I was debating if I should give myself a break and continue on another day. Since I knew the juices wouldn’t foul. But I said to myself NO. This detox thing should also be seen as a challenge for yourself and your body. I kept it going. Day three was actually pretty good. My oh-so-amazing feelings of day one were back! So I successfully completed my goals of a three day detox.  When going back to food TAKE IT EASY. Don’t overload your body. Start with fruits and vegetables. 

Taste-wise these juices are great. Not only is the consistency a good mix of juicyness and aroma they are also raw, cold-pressed, organic, vegan and gluten-free. So all the healthy you need in one juice. My favorite was obviously the one with the most calories – “Going Nuts”, which contains water, cinnamon, almonds, vanilla and sea salt. “Liquid Salad” (apple, orange, fennel, cucumber, spinach and wheat grass) I could not drink AT ALL. The cucumber just dominates the taste so bad that I had to leave it out.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone to at least try this once. Take it as a challenge. At the end of my detox my body feeling was great. I had energy (like hello, I went to the gym) even though I was only taking in liquid nourishment. We should not forget here that these juices are filled with healthy nutrients and calories. But good calories. Also I lost 2.5 kg in these day. Don’t worry it’s all back. It’s just water loss. At this point I want to add that a juice cleanse is not meant for weight loss. But it’s a great start to  reducing the size of your meals or changing to a more healthy diet plan. And let’s not forget your body-awareness.

If you want to try this for yourself I have a 10%-off discount gift code for you dstnailleursEASY if you pre order in the next two weeks on Also check out their other detox and cleanse options.

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