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IMG_1313IMG_1304IMG_1322IMG_1306Hey, hello, yes it’s me again. I know, I know it has been a VERY (!!!) long time since updating my blog but I am back with a new outfit post! The past two months have been so overwhelming for me. I moved to my new favorite place Berlin and finally found the most AHHHHHH-MAZING apartment ever (still not completely furnished though). Anyway I have to say I defo experienced a little style evolution since living in Berlin. All I wear is blackblackblack, maybe some white or grey (like todays look) and then again blackblackblack. I remember always when summer started and the sun was out I made it my goal, I was determined AF, to buy bright colors, pastel tones, floral prints and everything else ZARA was selling during Summer! And what happened in the end?! I wore blackblackblack and black again. SRSLY I am so over it, I couldn’t care less if I dress ‘season appropriate‘. Black makes everything just so much easier and effortless. It’s slimming and chic (tell me, where else can I get that?!). I love love love it! It’s a Berlin-thing! #allblackeverything 

bomber jacket – topshop
skirt – the row
shades – quay australia