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When moving to a new city the closet cleaning thing is something that can’t be avoided – unfortunately exactly my case ATM. Munich – Berlin. I came to the realization that about half of the clothes I own haven’t been worn in the past two years. Actually pretty sad if I think about all that money I spent on that shit. But also good, great to be honest, believe me, I mean WTF was I wearing back in 2009?! CRAYCRAY.
After hours of sorting out all the ‘keeps and tosses’ it came to seven 60 liter bin bags STUFFED, literally, with clothes and shoes.
Lucky me, I also found some AH-MAZING long lost Minnetonka boots. I remember buying them in the South of France a few years ago but can’t explain why I never wore them.

The second thing I want to talk about in this post is my love for transparent silk scarves. In my last post (here) I stated that the scarf I was wearing was DIY. And it’s true, not lying HAHA. With spring/summer coming up I needed an alternative to the big, heavy cashmere and wool shawls. With nothing to be found on the internet (expect for some random Chinese supplier on ebay with a minimum waiting time of three weeks, nope not ordering there) I went to a local textile store in Basel and bought the most-wanted fabrics. I went for transpartent black silk (100%) and pleated polyester. Last but not least I had to sew the ends so the material ravel out.

FYI I donated every single of piece of clothing to a special organization of choice. I hope I was able to help the less fortunate children and women.

t-shirt  – the fifth label
boots – minnetonka
shades – miumiu
scarf – DIY