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IMG_6944IMG_6186 IMG_5761 IMG_4274 IMG_5791 IMG_8928 IMG_6050 IMG_6414 IMG_4716 IMG_4730 IMG_4792 IMG_4826 IMG_9836 IMG_9937 IMG_6333 IMG_5380 IMG_5450 IMG_5996 IMG_6049 IMG_6135 IMG_6999 IMG_7110 IMG_6753_2 IMG_0387 IMG_0053IMG_3346 IMG_0547 Valentina Pahde_Greenfields_München_Munich IMG_3584 Zürich_Rayban_Outfit IMG_1059 Kochspielhaus_München IMG_1041 IMG_1389 IMG_1473 IMG_1445 IMG_1565 IMG_1556 IMG_1739 Saint Laurent_Ranger Boots_Studs Stan Smith_Berlin IMG_2150 IMG_2310 IMG_2335 IMG_2439 IMG_2488 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2823IMG_2599 IMG_5965IMG_3638 IMG_3926 Foto am 31.10.14 um 20.47 #2 IMG_4630 IMG_5605IMG_4778 IMG_5712Another year has passed, 2014 is over! 365 days of ups and downs.
If you have been following me on Instagram for the passed year you might know that I deleted my blog in March. Entertaining a blog takes a lot of time and effort if you do it properly and I wasn’t dedicated enough back then. With the beginning of Dezember 2014 and my new internship in Marketing/PR of a German fashion brand I decided to revive DstnAilleurs. Back to blogging about current bag obsessions, daily #OOTDs and anything fashion.

My highlights:
I fell in love, in love with Berlin (visited 8 x this year)
PINK HAIR (!!!) not once, not twice, three times!
food passion ON ANOTHER LEVEL, I guess my pictures can tell
stan smith, stan smith, stan smith
OTIS, the name of the french bulldog I don’t own (YET)
London Fashion Week
sunglasses obsession! Céline, Dior, Ray Ban, Miu Miu… you name it, I bought it!
SUMMER (holidays), BIG TIME!
the best moments with friends and family

With that said, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Enjoy my visual recap of 2014!